3 Ideas To Add A Togo Sofa To Your Living Room | Taken From Pinterest (I/II)

The Togo sofa has been recognized for more than forty years, representing the different and modern style that only Michel Ducaroy possesses. The Togo sofa is the recreation of a revolutionary thought focused on comfort and authenticity.

Being such an extravagant piece, it is not a sofa that is found so frequently in a normal living room, because it may be “rare” to look at due to its large cushions and the lack of a frame like the one that surrounds the LC2 chair. Only adventurous people take a chance and want to stand out from the crowd with this iconic modern sofa design.

The Togo sofa is definitely a striking piece that captivates everyone’s attention. Before we dive into the let’s appreciate a couple features that it offers:

  • Highly ergonomic: it can adjust to the activity you want to use; such as taking a nap, reading books, writing, working from your laptop, watching your favorite Netflix series, and much more.
  • Breaks the traditional scheme: you won’t find easily another sofa design as the Togo sofa has
  • Multi-density and padded cover: these are the ones that provide you the comfort you wish so much.
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